About Us


Motherboard is such a blessing that being a mother means to experience heaven on earth. Even those sleepless nights and your post-delivery blues world turn into bliss with your baby’s blossoming smile. To fulfill all the vital needs of your ill one would be the dream of every perfect mummy.Here comes the great news that all your search for the best things in the world for your baby ends here at “CHELLA KUTTY”.

What we are

We offer all kinds of baby products ranging from baby bath needs, playtime products, infant’s accessories, utilities& garments, feeding accessories & rock & roll items. so!come,explore & meet all the leading baby brands like Disney, Cucumber, Fisher price, Johnson & Johnson, Pigeon, Barbie, Tiny care, 1st step and much more at your “CHELLA KUTTY” – your ill ‘ones’ cute one.

Why Choose Us?

Only a happy mother can bring up a hearty child, Yes! We understand your needs better and provide all kinds “Mother’s” need products, complimented by the wonderful brands like Rasa the, Naidu Hall, Body care & more.’What are you waiting for’? Quality blends with variety & affordability at “CHELLA KUTTY’ for fetching your smile that’s all ‘PRETTY’.